Alccofine 1203

ALCCOFINE 1203 is a new generation, ultrafine, low calcium silicate product, manufactured in India. It has distinct characteristics to enhance 'performance of concrete' in fresh and hardened stages. It can be considered and used as practical substitute for Silica Fume as per the results obtained. If the advantages of ALCCOFINE 1203 are observed in the concrete mix design, the initial rate of strength development was found to be increased or similar as that of Silica Fume. 

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  • Manufacturing Facility

    Cmppl Microfine Plant is situated at pissurelam Sattari (goa) in G I D C industrial state, to produce following products. 1. GGBS (GRANULATED GROUND BLAST FURNACE SLAG) CAPACITY- 36000MT/YEAR 2. ALCCOFINE 1203 CAPACITY- 11538 MT/ YEAR 3. MICRO FINE CEMENTITIOUS (ALCCOFINE 1101 RANGE) CAPACITY- 2400 MT/ YEAR 4. DRY SLAG IN FLASH DRYER CAPACITY- @ [...]

    Manufacturing Facility
  • Team Alccofine

    In CMPPL , Team ALCCOFINE is always trying to improve upon the skills for competing in the market place. Plant: In Works , a dedicated Logistics/ S&D/ Operations and QC team is on the job round the clock for proving the smart edge to Microfine products . Corporate office: Corporate office is situated at Panaji [...]

    Team Alccofine

Alccofine 1101 Range - Microfine cementitious Grout

ALCCOFINE 1101 is a special product used in special kind of applications demanding high performance such as soil stabilization and rock anchoring etc. It is Micro fine material cementitious grout with much finer particle size. It is produced in a controlled environment with special equipments to achieve specifically designed particle size distribution (PSD) of the material which gives it the unique properties.

About Us

Ambuja Cement has always practiced innovation and solutions to meet the challenges of sustainable development and in Goa as well, most of our products are manufactured out of slag which meets the requirement of sustainable construction. Our Initiative is known in form of a JV as “Counto Microfine Product Private Limited” and is a Member of Indian Green Building Council.

Our parent company Holcim is already working on Microfine products since long and particularly Holcim France & Holcim Brazil are quite aggressive in Microfine products and over the years have developed expertise in production & customer service & solutions. In Goa, our manufacturing facility is in place and we are now gearing up for marketing activities. more about us

Fields of Applications - Alccofine 1101 Range - Microfine cementitious Grout

• Rock injection: Tunnels, caverns, mines, etc.
• Used for pre and post excavation injection.
• Ground water sealing and ground stabilisation.
• Soil injection: Ground stabilisation and ground water sealing
• Prepacked injection
• Contact injection

Features and Benefits - Alccofine 1101 Range - Microfine cementitious Grout

• Standard cement injection equipment can be used
• Better penetration in tight joints, fissures and pore spaces
• Greater penetration imparts greater water tightness
• Fast setting
• Better working environment and no hazardous components
• Durable
• Economical solution
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